CONSENSUS Webinar: Introduction to the Carbon Ore, Rare Earth, and Critical Minerals (CORE-CM) Initiative for U.S. Basins: Part One

In April of this year, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management announced the 13 winners of a $19 million Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), titled "Carbon Ore, Rare Earth and Critical Minerals (CORE-CM) Initiative for U.S. Basins." This FOA sought projects in traditionally fossil fuel-producing communities across the country to support production of rare earth elements and critical minerals vital to the manufacturing of batteries, magnets, and other components important to the clean energy economy. The funding awards aligned with the recommendations of the White House Interagency Working Group on Coal and Power Plant Communities and Economic Revitalization, which outlined a national roadmap to partner with local communities to ensure that the shift to a clean energy economy creates good-paying union jobs, spurs economic revitalization, and supports workers. Selected U.S. basins that have the potential to produce rare earth elements and critical minerals include: Alaska, the Appalachian Basin, Green River - Wind River Basin, Gulf Coast Basin, Illinois Basin, Powder River Basin, San Juan River-Raton-Black Mesa Basin, Uinta Basin, and the Williston Basin. The below recording is the first a two-part webinar series introducing the CORE-CM initiative and its winning project teams.


Dr. Grant S. Bromhal

Acting Director - Mineral Sustainability Division
U.S. DOE - Office of Fossil Energy & Carbon Management

Tom Erickson

Director, Exploratory Research, IP and Technology Commercial

Dr. Erin H.W. Phillips

Research Scientist, Geochemistry
Center for Economic Geology Research, UW

Brent Sheets

Petroleum Development Laboratory at the University of Alaska

Dr. Michael Karmis

Director of the Virginia Center for Coal and Energy
Virginia Tech

Dr. Sarma Pisupati

Director of Center for Critical Minerals
Penn State

Dr. Charles Sims

Director, Energy & Environment Program
University of Tennessee - Knoxville

Dr. Samuel Taylor

Assistant Director, Strategic Partnerships and Technology
West Virginia University Energy Institute