Electricity Capacity Markets: Comparing Costs and Benefits (webinar)

In a market system, as we retire more baseload generation and add more intermittent resources, are you concerned about how to best maintain a reliable power supply, and what it could cost? Are you curious about electricity capacity markets, including whether we need them, how they should work, and how well they really work? Do you know the key differences between capacity markets in the US versus those in Europe, and why they differ? Why are some entities so upset about the so-called "minimum offer price rule" of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission?

Join Craig Glazer, Vice President for Governmental Affairs for the PJM Interconnection, the world's largest organized power market; and Fabien Roques, Executive VP and head of the Energy Group for Compass Lexecon in Paris as they discuss the current and future states of capacity markets in the United States and Europe.


Elliot Roseman

Program Director
United States Energy Association

Craig Glazer

Vice President, Federal Government Policy
PJM Interconnection

Dr. Fabien Roques

Executive Vice President, European Energy
Compass Lexecon