Elliot Roseman

Program Director
United States Energy Association

Mr. Roseman has decades of domestic and international experience with executives in the energy industries, and expertise in energy resiliency, sustainability, regulation, transmission, and distributed generation. He is currently directing the US Energy Association’s Electricity Market Initiative (EMI), a position designed to integrate the power markets in 11 countries in Southeast Europe. He formed the EMI group, which is on a pathway to create significant benefits for the region, and opportunities for new energy infrastructure and investment. He is also on the Board of the Energy Bar Association, and on EPRI's Customer Resilience Task Force.

Mr. Roseman started his career in solar energy in the mid-1970s, and he has been actively involved in the transformation of power sector worldwide since then. He has extensive experience in renewables, climate change and environmental matters. He has a wealth of both private sector and government experience, and has advised the executives and partners of utilities, financial institutions, law firms, independent power companies, energy regulators, multi-lateral institutions and trade associations. With a focus on the power sector, he has advised these clients on energy market and private investment opportunities; federal and state energy policies; corporate and worldwide energy strategy; energy industry restructuring; and more.

Mr. Roseman’s accomplishments include the:

• Creation of proactive, innovative and effective corporate energy strategies

• Development of integrated plans that satisfy regulatory and environmental requirements

• Application of market analysis to identify and finance investment opportunities

• Design and negotiation of industry restructuring, and its effective implementation

• Achievement of real increases in resilience, reductions in emissions, and expansion of renewables

• Ability to open doors and close millions in annual sales

• Recommendation of policies to stimulate billions in private sector investment

• Successful implementation of numerous competitive resource solicitations

Mr. Roseman works at the intersection of energy technology, regulation and markets. He has worked directly in more than 20 countries worldwide, and has evaluated markets, investments, policies and opportunities in over 60 countries.

Mr. Roseman holds a BA in Economics from Yale University, and both MBA and MS degrees (Operations Research) from Stanford University. He speaks frequently at energy conferences and organizations, and has authored over 50 articles. He was an adjunct professor in the Graduate Schools of Business and Political Management at George Washington University from 2006-14, teaching a self-designed course on “Worldwide Energy Challenges and Opportunities”.