Increasing CO2 Storage Options with Injection of CO2 in Shales

Join us as USEA and Advanced Resources International (ARI) present the results of their study-- “Increasing CO2 Storage Options with Injection of CO2 in US Shales.” The study has defined three new, large capacity settings for geologically storing CO2 in shale formations—the Niobrara Shale in the DJ Basin of Colorado, the Cana-Woodford Shale in the Anadarko Basin of Oklahoma, and the Mowry Shale in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming. These three shale formations would provide nearly 4,600 million metric tons (MMmt) of CO2 storage capacity in basins and states where CO2 storage capacity in saline formations is notably limited or still poorly defined. This amount of CO2 storage is equivalent to removing over 1 billion passenger vehicles for one year, or approximately every passenger vehicle in the United States for 9 years.

In addition, the injection of CO2 into these three shale formations would provide nearly 7,000 million barrels (MMB) of oil with a carbon intensity notably lower than the carbon intensity of imported oil or domestic oil produced by conventional means. Given a preferrence for consuming lower carbon intensity oil, where possible, the oil recovered by injection of CO2 would  displace higher carbon intensity supplies from imports and other sources.

Finally, the revenues from the sale of CO2, the generation of state severance and royalty payments, and federal tax credits such as 45Q, would notably improve private industry’s “business case” for CCUS while also helping maintain state and local tax revenues. 

The report has been prepared by the staff of Advanced Resources International,Inc. including Mr. Vello Kuuskraa, Mr. Ryan Monson, Ms. Anne Oudinot, Mr. Brett Murray, and Ms. Joyce Frank, in collaboration with the Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute of Wyoming. We would like to acknowledge Mr. Graeme Finley, Senior Geologist; Mr. Stephen Whitaker, Senior Geologist; and Dr. Eric Robertson, Reservoir Engineer from the Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute for their preparation of Chapter 4, Mowry Shale, Powder River Basin. A copy of the report can be found to the right of the page under "presentations." 


Vello Kuuskraa

Advanced Resources International

Graeme Finley

Senior Geologist
Enhance Oil Recovery Institute