Indian Energy Minerals Forum 2022 Webinar Series 3, Webinar #2: Tribal Water-Energy Nexus

This webinar will cover water and its relationship to energy. Water is life and the life of many energy projects.

Water in many regions in the U.S. is scarce due to droughts and lost water rights. The water nexus is an important consideration.

In this webinar we discuss the relationship between water and its many uses including areas such as energy production. We will discuss water policies, drought, other non-energy uses, national security and energy development.

Featuring an introduction by USEA Acting Executive Director, Sheila Hollis.


Sheila Hollis

Of Counsel and Chair, Duane Morris (Ret.)

Michael Moore

Program Director
United States Energy Association

Derrick Watchman

SageBrush Hill Group, LLC

Steve Grey

Former Board Chairman
Four Corners Economic Development

George Guthrie

Deputy Program Director of the Applied Energy Programs
Los Alamos

Stanley Pollack

Attorney (Retired)
Navajo Nation

Ted Strong

Vice President Corporate Social Responsibility
Yakima Chief Hops