George Guthrie

Deputy Program Director of the Applied Energy Programs
Los Alamos

George Guthrie (PhD) is deputy program director of the applied energy programs at Los Alamos. He also leads the DOE initiative I-WEST, which is looking at pathways for equitable energy transition in the Intermountain West.  He is scientist with over 30 years of experience in geosciences and applied-energy applications. His technical background spans subsurface applications to materials for a variety of energy-related topics, including CO2 sequestration (capture, storage, and utilization), unconventional reservoirs (shale gas and geothermal), rad-waste disposal, energy–water, and health effects of inhaled mineral dusts. After 19 years at Los Alamos, he joined the U.S. Dept. of Energy (at the National Energy Technology Laboratory) for 6 years. He’s been back at Los Alamos since 2014, where his work includes overseeing an R&D portfolio that exploits core Los Alamos capabilities to enable clean energy solutions.