Is Low Carbon Hydrogen The Panacea For Climate Change? What Can The US Learn From Early Adoption In Europe?

Webinar 1: Lessons Learned From Initial Experiences With Low Carbon Hydrogen In Europe?

In Europe, hydrogen is increasingly seen as essential in the battle to meet Net Zero 2050 climate targets. In its hydrogen strategy published last year, the European Commission considers a scenario where 40 GW of green hydrogen is added to the system by 2030. The UK government is aiming for a further 5GW of low carbon hydrogen by 2030 (potentially based on fossil fuels with carbon capture and storage). But while there is a broad consensus on key roles for hydrogen in the decarbonization of the energy sector, heavy transport and parts of industry, there is a still a hot debate on its wider potential role – for example in heating buildings. There are also different views on how best to stimulate investment in necessary infrastructure and conversion to hydrogen use. Frontier Economics has been closely involved in a number of projects involving the development of policy frameworks and implementation of pilot initiatives across Europe. With Julia Frayer moderating, experts from Frontier Economics will present on:

¡ Production and use scenarios for hydrogen in Europe,

¡ Getting the hydrogen market up and running – what is proposed in Europe and why?

¡ Implications of hydrogen developments for European gas infrastructure.

Panel discussion topics:

¡ Is the EU’s hydrogen strategy credible?

¡ What can the US learn from Europe’s experience so far?

¡ Are Europe and the US heading down different paths?


Dan Roberts

Frontier Economics

Catherine Galano

Associate Director
Frontier Economics

Claire Thornhill

Associate Director
Frontier Economics

Julia Frayer

Managing Director
London Economics International