The National Tribal Energy Roundtable: Tribal Voices on our Energy Future

Our National discussion on energy, climate adaption, and transitions between primary energy sources needs to include Tribes and our Tribal communities.  Tribes and our peoples have been at the forefront of Energy Security for the United States and thus the World, especially in the production of Uranium, Coal, Oil, and Gas, and in the production of electricity through Hydropower.  Just like in the past, we will continue to play an important and integral role in that production as well as in new production of Rare Earth and Critical Minerals, Hydrogen and Ammonia, and in other primary energy sources.  Not only do we have a role to play in continuing to provide Energy Security for our Nation, tribes have a role to play with our neighbors, Canada and Mexico, in our relations with other Indigenous Peoples of those countries, especially in the critical regions along our borders


Daniel Cardenas

SHASTA Advisors, LLC.

Conrad, "C.J." Stewart

Energy/Water Resource Director
Crow Tribe

Matt Morrison

Chief Executive Officer
Pacific NorthWest Economic Region

John Wagner

Laboratory Director
Idaho National Laboratory