Supply Chain Challenges for the Energy Sector

The energy sector continues to face the challenges of supply chain issues- from shortages of products, raw materials, and two to three year delays in obtaining finished products essential to the energy sector. This 90 minute remote meeting featuring opening remarks from USEA's Andrew Palmateer and moderated by Theresa Pugh offers insight into mining, oil & gas production, electric utility growth and product replacements that have been delayed at generation, distribution, bulk electric and transmission. The net zero or decarbonization and global geopolitical changes have made these issues even more pronounced in 2023-now. Join us to hear from National Mining Association, American Petroleum Institute, Nuclear Energy Institute, Edison Electric Association, and Transformer Manufacturing Association of America to hear about what the industry is facing and how they bypass these bottlenecks.


Andrew Palmateer

Program Director
United States Energy Association

Scott Aaronson

Vice President, Security and Preparedness
Edison Electric Institute (EEI)

Katie Sweeney

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
National Mining Association

Joe Donovan

Executive Director
Transformer Manufacturing Association of America

Ben Holtzman

Director, New Nuclear
Nuclear Energy Institute

Theresa Pugh

United States Energy Association

Greg Brabec

Senior Director, Government Affairs and Strategic Projects