USEA Briefing - Climate Change: What Should We All Do Now?

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

You’ve heard the issues and opinions regarding climate change. So what now? Many recent reports say we are facing a crisis – perhaps an existential one - and argue it is critical to act aggressively now. Can we – must we - or should we - regulate or legislate away from this apparent precipice? And what can actually get done?

  • Do any of the proposed Federal laws have a shot? Which ones (there’s more than the Green New Deal)?
  • Which states have the most promising initiatives, and are any a good model?
  • What if any pricing approaches (e.g., carbon taxes or markets) have worked, and might make sense?
  • What combination of technology R&D and other standards/incentives (e.g., RPS, CAFE, EEPS, DR, etc.) makes sense?
  • How much should we focus on international programs and other countries’ efforts?
  • How about individual company commitments and technological advancement – how critical are they?

The bottom line is - can we afford it all, can we afford not to, or should we take partial measures? Come and engage with our speakers – who have diverse opinions - on these issues. Don’t miss this informative and engaging panel on perhaps the most salient energy issue of our time.


Elliot Roseman

Program Director
United States Energy Association

Dr. Karl Hausker

Senior Fellow, Climate Program
World Resources Institute

Richard Powell

Executive Director

Brenda Ekwurzel

Senior Climate Scientist & Director of Climate Science
Union of Concerned Scientists

Fatima Maria Ahmad

Senior Counsel
House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis