USEA CONSENSUS Webinar: The Next Phase of the Shale Oil Revolution: Storing CO2 with Shale EOR

The Next Phase of the “Shale Oil Revolution”: Storing CO2 with Shale EOR

The past decade of growth in domestic shale oil production is without precedent.

From below 1 MMbbls per day a decade ago, shale / tight oil production reached 8 MMbbls per day last year, equal to two-thirds of total domestic oil production.

While the growth of shale oil production is well documented, much less is known about other aspects of this important resource:

  • How large is the shale resource in place?
  • How much of this large resource is recoverable with current practices?
  • How much would the use of CO2 injection (Shale EOR) improve shale oil recovery efficiency?
  • How much CO2 could be stored in shale oil formations with CO2 EOR?

Answering these questions is the purpose of this presentation.  It draws on a recently completed study, entitled: “Increasing Shale Oil Recovery and CO2 Storage with Cyclic CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery,” performed by Advanced Resources International and sponsored by the USEA.


Vello Kuuskraa

Advanced Resources International