Workshop on the Future Paths of Emissions Reduction Technologies/Systems in the U.S.

The objectives of this workshop is to gain an understanding of the state of the art and the potential benefits from the next generation of emission reduction technologies. This would include removal and byproduct utilization strategies, for current and future coal-fired utility and industrial applications.

Variables to be considered, but not limited to would include

(1) cost-effective reduction of risks and impacts;

(2) removal of potential products generated from coal combustion within coal combustion residues or their isolation from liquid process streams; 

(3) enhancement of design and operating practices to optimize plant performance with respect to cost-effective operation with minimal environmental impact; and

(4) creation of pathways for the production of value-added products from liquid process streams or coal combustion residues.

For the purpose of this workshop discussions will be limited to liquid (such as blowdown or other liquid process streams) and solid streams only. Gaseous effluents will not be addressed.


Angelos Kokkinos

Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary
Clean Coal and Carbon Management Office of Fossil Energy

Steven Winberg

Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy
U.S. Department of Energy