Allison Archambault

EarthSpark International

Allison Archambault is President of EarthSpark International, a nonprofit organization incubating businesses that solve energy poverty. Under her leadership, EarthSpark has built a town-sized, solar-powered smart grid in rural Haiti and is currently laying the groundwork for an investable plan for the next 20 microgrids. Each grid is powerful enough to energize industry and progressive enough to deliver affordable 24/7 power to every household in its footprint. EarthSpark applies smart grid principles to rural electrification and, through “Feminist Electrification”, its award-winning gender lens approach to microgrid development, EarthSpark ensures that women and men are decision-makers, actors, and beneficiaries throughout microgrid planning, construction, and operations. Archambault is a co-founder of Enèji Pwòp, a Haitian microgrid operator, and SparkMeter, a smart meter company now enabling grid operators worldwide to expand energy access to low-income customers. She has consulted to clean energy companies, governments, and advocacy groups.

She previously worked with 3TIER on large-scale renewable energy siting and integration and with GridPoint, an early clean tech company combining distributed energy storage, solar photovoltaics, and energy management. Archambault did her undergraduate thesis on rural solar electrification in Mali, and worked with Soluz, Inc. on its pioneering fee-for-service model for household solar systems in the Dominican Republic.

She holds a BA from Tufts University and a Master of International Public Policy degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.