Anita Otubu

Senior Director, Universal Energy Facility (UEF), SEforALL
Webinar #3: It's a Business

Before joining SEforALL, Anita was previously the Head of the Project Management Unit of the $550 million Nigeria Electrification Project (NEP), under the Rural Electrification Agency, which aims to accelerate the private market for the development/deployment of mini-grids, captive power plants, and solar home systems for unserved and underserved homes, enterprises, educational and healthcare institutions. Heading the NEP, she achieved 953,951 total connections (66 mini grids (28,524 connections) and 925,427 solar home system connections) impacting just under 5 million residents and MSMEs in Nigeria. In addition, 26 solar hybrid containerized solutions were installed and commissioned for healthcare facilities, and awards of contracts were issued for the development of captive solar hybrid power plants to power 7 federal universities and 2 associated teaching hospitals. She was also simultaneously the program manager for phase 1 of the Energizing Education Programme (EEP), in which 7 captive solar hybrid power plants between 1-8 MW (total installed capacities), were successfully constructed, commissioned, operated, and 5 out of the 7 handed over to the beneficiary federal universities.