David Greely

Chief Economist
Abaxx Exchange

Earning a PhD in Economics at the University of Chicago, David Greely wrote his dissertation under the mentorship of Nobel laureates Bob Lucas and Gary Becker. Mr. Becker imparted valuable lessons on asking the right questions to clarify problems and solutions, emphasizing the power of economic reasoning. This collaboration extended to working on Mr. Becker's Business Week column, providing practical insights into addressing both significant and minor questions in everyday life.

During his tenure at Goldman Sachs, David Greely contributed to commodities research amid a notable shift in crude oil prices, witnessing the transition from $20/bbl to $145/bbl. He thrived on the challenge of collaborating with his team, traders, and clients to generate real-time insights into the evolving market dynamics. This period involved managing risk and navigating unprecedented market conditions.

Following an 11-year stint at Goldman Sachs, David seized an opportunity to join Bridgewater Associates as a Portfolio Strategist, seeking to learn from and collaborate with another group of accomplished professionals. Intrigued by Ray Dalio's insights into the Financial Crisis, he found this role to be a great opportunity to understand Ray's approach to the economy and investing. This experience, accompanied by a 3-year non-compete, allowed him time to redirect his curiosity to diverse interests, concluding old research projects, initiating new ones, connecting with colleagues, spending time with his children, and honing his woodshop skills.

Upon the conclusion of the non-compete period, David Greely returned to the professional investing and research arena as the Principal of Global Purview LLC and assumed the role of Chief Economist at Abaxx Technologies. On Saturday mornings, you can find him hosting the SmarterMarkets™ podcast, exploring the redesign of markets and technology to better serve participants and society as a whole.