Dr. Joseph Stoffa

Technology Manager
National Energy Technology Laboratory

Joseph Stoffa serves as a Technology Manager at the Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL). Joe is responsible for NETL’s implementation of the Carbon Conversion, Carbon Ore Processing, and Gas Hydrates programs, which support applied research and development through a mix of field work proposals, cooperative agreements, and grant programs. The Carbon Conversion program focuses on conversion of CO₂ into value-added products through chemical, mineralization, and biological pathways. The Carbon Ore Processing program supports R&D to develop uses for coal and coal wastes that are outside of traditional thermal and metallurgical applications. The Gas Hydrates program supports the characterization of hydrate resources in permafrost and offshore regions and investigates their role in the global climate cycle. Joe has served at NETL for fourteen years as both a technology manager and federal project manager. Joe holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from West Virginia University.