Ernest B. Wyatt

Program Coordinator
United States Energy Association

Ernest B. Wyatt is a Program Coordinator for USEA’s Energy Market Investment and Modernization program (EMIM) and Promoting International Consensus on Oil and Natural Gas program (Consensus Oil and Gas). EMIM seeks to promote the development of transparent, free energy markets in the Indo-Pacific to encourage investment in and development of the region's energy sector. Consensus Oil and Gas is a public-private partnership promoting cooperation between governments and industry for the development of secure, reliable and economic sources of oil and natural gas while facilitating investment in the energy industry. Ernest is responsible for the planning and implementation of partnership activities, including training programs, workshops, conferences, and executive exchanges.

Ernest has over 20 years of work experience in project management, management consulting, market alignment, network development and business development. Most recently, he served as International Director of Business Development via a private equity acquisition of a laboratory company in South Africa (working for 5 years implementing healthcare innovation and technology in several Sub-Saharan African markets). Ernest holds a B.A. in African and African American Studies from the University of Michigan and a MBA from Howard University School of Business.