Herman Trabish

Contributing Editor
Utility Dive

Herman K. Trabish, D.C., has been a Doctor of Chiropractic in private practice for 25 years but some years ago he realized his strategy to fix the planet one person at a time was moving too slowly. An accidental encounter with Daniel Yergin's The Prize led to a protracted study of the bloody, fiery history of oil and then to Trabish's Oil In Their Blood "trilogy" (http://www.oilintheirblood.com), a pair of historical novels on oil history still waiting to find a happy ending.

Trabish was raised up from the horrific side of energy's history by mentor Paul MacCready, one of the founding fathers of the modern renewable energy business. A five-year apprenticeship as the sole force behind NewEnergyNews (http://www.newenergynews.net) followed. His best effort to achieve competence on the energy generation beat is ongoing at Utility Dive under the tutelage of an unusually tolerant editorial staff.