Jason Shea

Senior Cybersecurity Manager
Southern California Edison

Jason Shea is a Senior Cybersecurity Manager responsible for IT/OT Security Architecture at  Southern California Edison. He has over 25 years of utility experience and currently sits as the Dams Sector Cybersecurity Co Chair. He is focused on securing the nations critical infrastructure in the Utility Sector as we interconnect the grid in new and exciting ways that it has never been connected before.

In his roles with SCE, Jason has led the Cybersecurity Operations Center (CSOC), Cybersecurity Engineering, Cybersecurity Architecture teams and actively participates with various Federal Agencies and National Labs to identify ways to secure critical infrastructure.  He manages a team of Cybersecurity architects that are focused on integrating secure by design strategies to help improve the security posture for emerging grid technologies, incorporating threat intelligence to secure solution designs related from Edge Devices down to Grid Management Systems to identify risks and associated compensating controls.

Overall, in his efforts to secure critical infrastructure, Jason oversees and advises on the security of next-generation control systems using state-of-the-art technologies and plays an active role on how to secure traditional OT systems and emerging grid technologies to establish a modern security posture for critical control systems.