Jay Caspary

Vice President
Grid Strategies LLC

As Vice President at Grid Strategies LLC, Jay Caspary provides analysis and strategic guidance on transmission grid planning and operations to support a clean energy portfolio. Jay has over 40 years of experience in transmission planning, engineering, management, tariffs, transmission services, and retail marketing.

Prior to joining Grid Strategies LLC in September 2020, Jay he oversaw Research, Development & Tariff Services for the Southwest Power Pool. In his career at SPP, Jay served as the head of Transmission Development and led robust transmission expansion in the footprint. In 2012-2013, Jay served as Senior Policy Advisor for the U. S. Department of Energy’s Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (OE) with a focus on grid modernization. Prior to SPP, he served in several staff and managerial roles at Illinois Power.

Over his career, Jay has worked closely with regional organizations, national labs and affected parties to evaluate and promote the integration of renewables with effective transmission solutions, deployment of research pilots and case studies to identify the merits of new technologies or approaches to utility operations.  Jay has served in leadership roles for industry-utility collaboratives such as the ESIG, EPRI, PSERC and GRAPES, as well as several industry advisory boards.  

Jay graduated from the University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Power Systems.  Jay has completed the course requirements for a Masters of Engineering degree at Iowa State University.