Laura Berland-Shane

Vice President - Government Affairs
Blue Planet Systems Corp.
Laura brings over two decades of renewable energy and climatetech experience to her Government Affairs role at Blue Planet. Her experience ranges from management roles (SolarCity), demand response (Comverge), building technology (Siemens) and electric vehicle infrastructure industries. Prior to Blue Planet, Laura was Western Region Utilities Director for Greenlots. Additionally, Laura leads the Southern California chapter of Environmental Entrepreneurs, a national bipartisan group of business leaders who promote polices that are good for the economy and good for the planet. She has also focused on advancing sustainability within her community as a cofounder of the Sustainable Business Council LA (SBCLA) in 2008. Laura was appointed to the Santa Monica Sustainable City Task Force in 2003 to support the city’s Sustainable City Plan. She also acts as a mentor for Women In Green. Laura has a BA in International Relations from Brown University and an MBA in finance from The Wharton School, and is a LEED AP.