Maria Nohemi Arboleda


Since 2016 is the CEO of XM, operator of the National Interconnected System and Administrator of the Wholesale Energy Market in Colombia.

Electrical engineer from the Universidad Nacional of Medellín and has a master's degree and a specialization in Electrical Transmission and Distribution Engineering from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellín. She studied Control and Operation of power systems in Sweden an participated in the Senior Management Program at Universidad de Los Andes.

Experience: Management in the process of Planning, Operation of electric power systems, energy planning and transactions of the wholesale energy market in ISA. Manager of the National Dispatch Center at XM.

Currently, president of CIGRÉ Colombia and technical president of the Ibero-American region of CIGRÉ, he is a member of the Steering Committee of GPST, a consortium composed of the most recognized system operators leaders in the energy transition on a global scale.

In 2020 she was one of the 5 finalists in the Portafolio awards for the best business leader, in 2021 she eas the winner of the Women in Energy award and in 2022 recognized by the newspaper La República as one of the 100 most influential women in Colombia.