Michael Goggin

Vice President
Grid Strategies
Michael Goggin has been working on clean energy integration and transmission solutions his entire career.

For the last decade he held multiple positions at the American Wind Energy Association, including Electric Industry Analyst, Manager of Transmission Policy, and Senior Director of Research. Prior to that he served as a research analyst covering solar, geothermal, and storage technologies for a DOE consulting firm, a renewable policy analyst for the state Public Interest Research Groups, and as the clean energy intern for the Union of Concerned Scientists.

In these roles, Michael has:

  • Written nearly one hundred filings to FERC, mostly on technical matters related to clean energy integration, transmission, and electricity markets.
  • Been elected to the NERC Planning, Operating, and Standards Committees, including ongoing membership on the Planning Committee.
  • Testified before state Public Utility Commissions more than a dozen times, mostly for transmission lines to deliver clean energy.
  • Worked closely with regional organizations across the country to promote integration and transmission solutions, including serving on the Board of the Southeastern Wind Coalition.
  • Served as a technical reviewer for over a dozen national laboratory reports, academic articles, and utility wind integration studies.
  • Been quoted in hundreds of press articles and had dozens of letters to the editor published, including in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.
  • Co-authored Green Power Superhighways report for AWEA and SEIA.
  • Published academic articles and conference presentations on wind integration, electricity markets, and policy.

Michael holds a BA with Honors in Social Studies from Harvard University.