Rosa Escobar

Engineering Manager

Rosa N. Escobar is the Engineering Manager at LAGEO, S.A. de C.V., the only company that generates electricity through Geothermal Resources in El Salvador, Central America. Among the Key functions is the development and Management of all the Geothermal Projects, from design to construction and commissioning, which guarantees the maintenance of existing geothermal fields and the development of new fields in El Salvador. She is also in charge of developing low enthalpy projects, directly using geothermal energy for productive projects, such as coffee and cocoa drying. From the management position, the standards on industrial safety and respect for the environment are fundamental pillars for the successes of the projects; the company's environmental unit is also under her charge.

Architect, with studies in Business Administration and specialization in Geothermal, Rosa Escobar, has been supporting the constructive part for the optimizations and improvements of the existing fields Ahuachapán and Berlin, as well as the exploration and development of the new geothermal fields of San Vicente and Chinameca.

In 2019, she had the privilege of being awarded the “GEOTHERMAL LEADERSHIP MVP” award in Geolac, which is the most important geothermal congress for Latin America and the Caribbean and is held every year in different countries.

She is currently the ambassador for El Salvador for WING (women in geothermal energy), which has led to the increase of more women in this industry, and specific training has been developed for those employed in office and geothermal plants.

Within the geothermal company where she has been working for 21 years, she has been recognized for practicing the values ​​of Passion and Teamwork, two values ​​that are part of the values ​​of the company and that year after year the most representative employee is rewarded.

She has actively participated in the organization and realization of the Geothermal Diploma Course, which year after year is carried out in LAGEO with the support of the Icelandic government, as well as in the realization of short courses in Geothermal and Direct Uses of Geothermal Energy from which Latin American and Caribbean professionals participates.