Tim Burdis

Lead Strategist, State Government Policy

Timothy C. Burdis is a lead strategist within the State Government Policy Department at PJM Interconnection. He assists in outreach and strategy development for state government engagement; focusing on policy assessment, market design and transmission planning. He is responsible for PJM’s engagement with the Organization of PJM States, Inc. (OPSI).

Before his current post, Mr. Burdis worked on PJM emerging markets; responsible for the planning and integration management of changes to the wholesale electricity market. He specialized in changes brought about by state policy, renewable energy and infrastructure investment. He was also responsible for conducting industry research and analysis impacting electricity markets, and facilitating PJM’s corporate strategic planning process.

Additionally, Mr. Burdis served as director of business development & external affairs for PJM Environmental Information Services, Inc.

Mr. Burdis holds a Master of Science degree in Software Engineering from West Virginia University.