Wiley Rhodes

Board Member
NewPoint Companies

1999 - CEO/Founder of the Newpoint Companies including Newpoint Gas, LLC, an energy engineering company which specializes in the separation and management of gaseous molecules. Newpoint also designs and manufactures full range of modular processing and gas treating units including those used in carbon dioxide capture and cryogenic separation technologies.

2021 - Co-founder of Escalante H2Power – Located in the NW region of New Mexico in McKinley County will be home to the world’s first conversion from coal fuel to clean hydrogen fuel power generation facility. The large-scale project generates 270 MW of low carbon, clean hydrogen fueled electric power. Phase 1 creates approximately 500 construction jobs and establishes the opportunity to build from 60 to 80 high quality hydrogen production and power generation jobs. With the potential to add other industries into the proposed New Mexico Hydrogen Hub such as green cement production, semiconductor manufacturing, a road and/or rail hydrogen fuel freight hub, or a data center, these larger projects hold the potential to create 110+ long term jobs for the areas displaced coal and refinery workers.

With his background in both the international and domestic energy business, Wiley has pioneered advocating for advanced clean hydrogen power as a solution to lower, and when possible, eliminate methane and other greenhouse gas emissions from oil & gas production and electric power generation. He has authored several papers on these topics including “Electrifying Oil and Gas to Power the World”, “Every Last Drop” and “Blue Hydrogen – Power and Water Production”. Wiley has also worked on state and federal legislative policies to create the framework for an environmentally sustainable and economically viable energy transition.

  • Wiley has served on the board of two social and environmental organizations since January of 2017.
    • The American Sustainable Business Network (ASBN) based in Washington, DC.
    • The American Renewable Energy Institute (AREI) based in Aspen, Colorado