Zuraidah Hoffman

NRECA International
Moderator for Webinars #1-3

Zuraidah Hoffman is responsible for all communications activities for NRECA International, and since 2013, has focused her work to promote the team's work, and how lives are positively impacted by the availability of reliable electricity. 

Zuraidah is an experienced storyteller, producer and communicator. To support the team, she has traveled to countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to illustrate why rural and impoverished communities need access to affordable and reliable electricity to experience social and economic growth. To do this, Zuraidah has produced award-winning stories that promote the electric cooperative business model as a way for these communities to own and chart their future. Zuraidah has also worked in Haiti, Ethiopia, Uganda and Liberia to develop and implement outreach plans to help illustrate that a better life starts with power. 

Originally from Malaysia, Zuraidah received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C.