Supporting The Countries Of EUROPE AND EURASIA In Achieving Their Shared Vision Of Energy Security And Regional Integration

From 2012-2022, USEA’s Energy Technology and Governance Program (ETAG) enabled the countries of Europe and Eurasia to enhance their energy security and integrate energy markets on a regional basis.

In partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), ETAG programs supported the maturing energy industry across southeast Europe on its journey to self-reliance; prevented malign geopolitical influence by reducing the region’s dependence on Russia for energy supply; strengthened relationships across Europe to create a regional energy network; and established markets across the region that benefit from price transparency and price stability.

ETAG programs leaned on U.S. industry expertise and technology to provide capacity building for utilities and energy professionals in the regions of development. These programs offered training and professional development, taught technical modeling and engineering best practices, and provided software and tools necessary for mature utility operation.

Support for the energy transition across Europe and Eurasia continues under the USAID/USEA Just and Secure Energy Transition program.

Past Events

The Energy Technology and Governance Program supports regional cooperation in network transmission and distribution system planning and operations through a suite of working groups populated by E&E transmission and distribution utilities. The ETAG programs introduce U.S and European planning methodologies and standards to assist the Black Sea and South East European countries adopt a harmonized approach with the European Network of Transmission System Operators for electricity (ENTSO-e), as well as its gas counterpart, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for gas (ENTSO-g). The ETAG working groups develop shared regional network planning models, exchange system data and conduct regional network analysis to incentivize investment in networks to support cross-border border trade.  

ETAG assists countries in the region to strengthen their cyber defense and improve network resiliency in light of the increasingly threatening digital environment and improve the quality of distribution services through technical studies to make local networks more robust.

ETAG programs work at the regional level to standardize market and energy system integration based on U.S. best practices and European standards as well as, at the local level to improve utility operations.

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