Hiring Announcement: Communications/Event Specialist


Position:        Communications/Event Specialist (Senior Assistant)
Classification:    Non-Exempt
Department:        Administration
Supervisor:        President & CEO

Starting Salary Range: $57,000 - $89,000

Supports the goals of the President and CEO and the mission of USEA by: crafting and disseminating social media content development, monitoring and messaging on digital platforms, traditional media outreach, writing, editing, printing and publishing internal and external materials, including, but not limited to press materials, the Annual Report, and website design with USEA web developer. 

The Communications Specialist acts as a liaison between USEA international development teams to collect project information, materials and other information and assists them where needed with messaging, design and/or dissemination. The Communications Specialist will coordinate communications with other communications specialists in the program offices as well as in other organizations to cross post and amplify messages.

The Communications Specialist will support USEA internal subject areas, USEA events, committees of USEA members, and staff committee chairs as needed.


Understand and Complete the Lifecycle of Media Engagement 

  1. Ability to write a press release, statement, or advisory within an hour and understand the material and the President and CEO’s voice to produce a quote based on USEA’s position on the issue. 
  2. Create and manage a press list.
  3. Send press releases, advisories, or statements to selected press list.
  4. Field reporter responses and set up interviews for President and CEO.
  5. Prepare media advance for President and CEO - a profile on the reporter and the questions or topics.
  6. Staff media interviews (take notes, supply reporter with background information, context, and additional information).
  7. Collect and assemble media clips into newsletter format post interview or event.
  8. Create relationships with publications and assist staff with placing articles

Understand Energy

  1. Review DOE.gov for Energy 101 reading material.
  2. Review csis.org Energy 101, listen to set of podcasts on iTunes.
  3. Understand how the energy sector fits together.
  4. What is the role of each branch of government re: the energy sector.
  5. Know what the White House does re: energy.
  6. Know the role of Congress re: energy.
  7. Know the congressional committees of jurisdiction.
  8. Know what the regulators do (FERC, NARUC).
  9. Know what each cabinet oversees re: energy.
  10. CEQ
  11. EPA

Understand How Energy Fits into The Global Conversation

  1. Know what’s going on in the news broadly and what’s going on in the energy sector.

Support Conferences & Events

  1. Coordinate and manage special projects and events, such as press briefings and webinars.
  2. Manage press table, check in reporters, greet them, ask what they cover.
  3. Take pictures and Tweet sessions.
  4. Walk around the room to get the best photos.
  5. Tag panelists on each Tweet on photos.
  6. Upload best photos, Tweets, collage to Facebook.
  7. Upload best photos to Instagram.
  8. Assist with creating, editing, and designing, USEA branded materials, including name badges, official programs, brochures, signage, etc. with USEA staff and external vendors. 
  9. Manage and execute virtual events including press briefings and related content.

Congressional Breakfast Series

  1. Send invitations to legislative director/communications director/chief of staff. 
  2. Select 3-5 questions for lawmakers.
  3. Arrange Room.
  4. Order breakfast. 
  5. Prepare announcement.
  6. Send to reporters.
  7. Prepare post-event press release.
  8. Post video and press release on website.
  9. See other duties from checklist.

Annual Report

  1. Draft the layout and ensure program submissions adhere to similar styles and length of entries
  2. Create a timeline for completion of the Annual Report. 
  3. Collect information and photos about programs from each program director.
  4. Work with designer to put the book together with photos, captions, narrative.
  5. Receive boxes of Annual Report no later than two days before Mid-year Board meeting.

Daily Social Media Activities

  1. Monitor USEA “X” and LinkedIn pages for tags, mentions, and reposts.
  2. Collect USEA in the news monthly mentions: content from social media platforms – LinkedIn, “X”, publications.
  3. Post something original on “X” and Retweet .
  4. Post on USEA Facebook page.
  5. Post on Instagram.
  6. Monitor President and CEO’s Linked In and make sure there are no outstanding invitations or messages.
  7. Upload any interesting USEA statements.
  8. Each morning scan the papers and Google energy news and share relevant news

Duties as Needed

  1. Respond to emails.
  2. Create and maintain USEA internal and external communications calendar.
  3. Process USEA Communications related disbursement vouchers.  
  4. Design flyers, other materials
  5. Generate and manage USEA monthly newsletter and USEA Now Calendar of Events for distribution, including new USEA member and stakeholder spotlights.
  6. Design and update USEA events and membership marketing materials.
  7. Log and manage invoices for USEA subscriptions, e.g., social media, publications, communications, and graphic design.


  1. Assist with managing USEA website and other social media platforms. Set up USEA event pages on website.
  2. Revise and update website as needed.

Skills and Abilities

  1. Strong interpersonal and verbal skills.  Fluency in speaking. Articulate. Clear and concise. Understand and keep confidentiality.
  2. Strong writing and editing experience.
  3. Ability to function independently.
  4. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Mailchimp, Adobe, Canva, Paint, LinkedIn, “X”, Instagram, YouTube, WebEx, Zoom, Wordpress, and Teams.

Application Instructions

To apply for this position, please submit the following documents in a single PDF file to [email protected]:

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Resume
  3. 3 Professional References
  4. Writing Sample
Energy Category: