USEA’s JSET Program Launches Initiatives to Accelerate Clean Energy Transition in Europe and Eurasia

Energy leaders and partners from the US and across Europe and Eurasia met in December 2022 to launch these initiatives and other projects under the USAID U.S.-Europe Energy Bridge program.

The USEA Just and Secure Energy Transition program(JSET), in cooperation with the United States Agency for International Development, has launched two initiatives to accelerate the clean energy transition in Europe and Eurasia.

In an effort to provide the region with U.S.-developed technology that will increase the renewable energy absorptive capacity of the regional power grid, JSET has launched the Grid Enhancing Technology (GET) Initiative. Through this initiative, transmission system operators and regulators across Europe and Eurasia will partner with U.S. equipment manufacturers and software companies to reduce technical and regulatory impediments to deploying cutting-edge smart grid technology. Grid enhancing technology promises to increase the region’s renewable energy absorptive capacity and cross-border transmission capacity at a fraction of the cost and time compared to building new infrastructure.

The JSET program has also launched an initiative to ensure that the Europe and Eurasia region has sufficient baseload generation and system flexibility to maintain reliability as it decarbonizes its generation fleet and adds renewable, intermittent generation capacity to the grid. JSET will lead the region’s transmission system operators and regulators in developing network models and analyses to identify future national and regional generation and flexibility capacity. The JSET program will then support energy leaders in designing market-based solutions to acquire and implement that generation capacity.

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