NPC Dynamic Delivery Study (Webinar)

National Petroleum Council Dynamic Delivery Study Webinar

September 22, 2020  10:00 AM EDT


A virtual outreach webinar by the NPC Oil and Natural Gas Transportation Infrastructure Study team leaders on the findings and recommendations from the National Petroleum Council’s report: Dynamic Delivery –America's Evolving Oil and Natural Gas Transportation Infrastructure. This report examines the extent of the transportation infrastructure today and the United States' infrastructure needs under varying demand assumptions. The study reviews constraints to growing domestic oil and natural gas production caused by infrastructure limitations that reduce domestic demand or energy exports. In addition, the report evaluates technology and policy options for improving infrastructure siting and related permitting processes, which in turn could improve safety, environmental performance, and resilience of the system.

The webinar’s presenters participated as leaders of the study’s management’s team. The study team was drawn from NPC members' organizations as well as from many other industries, state and federal government agencies, Native American Tribes, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), other public interest groups, consultancies, and academia. More than 306 people served on the study's Committee, Subcommittee, and Task Groups or participated in outreach sessions and workshops. While all have relevant expertise for the study, approximately 44% do not work for oil and natural gas companies or within the oil and natural gas value chain. This broad support and input into the study process is a critical component of the study.

The initial presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of the NPC’s Dynamic Delivery report, including findings and recommendations.  The second panel will be a discussion of the Technology Advances and Deployment chapter, covering technologies that can enhance safety, reliability, and environmental performance of the nation’s oil and natural gas transportation infrastructure.  This will also address cyber security.  The technology discussion will focus on not just the innovations, but the research and regulatory systems that are critical to ensuring implementation of technological advances. 



10:00 AM        USEA Welcome and Opening – Sheila Hollis, USEA

            Study Overview

Shawn Bennett, DOE Deputy Assistant Secretary of Oil and Natural Gas

Amy Shank, Williams Energy  

 10:20 AM       Review of Study Findings and Recommendations

Paul McNutt, ConocoPhillips – Supply and Demand Task Group Chair
Brooke Harris, ExxonMobil – Infrastructure Mapping, Resiliency, and Analysis Cochair
Maria Dunn, Philips 66 – Permitting, Siting, and Social License to Operate Cochair
Doug Sauer, Philips 66 – Technology Advances and Deployment Cochair

11:00 AM        Q&A/Discussion

11:15 AM        Technology Discussion

                        Moderator – Shawn Bennett, DOE Deputy Assistant Secretary of Oil and Natural Gas
                        Jay Churchill, Senior Vice President, Philips 66
                        Drue Pearce, Deputy Administrator, PHMSA, Department of Transportation
                        Zach McGavitt, Operations Manager, Kirby Inland Marine

11:40 AM        Q&A/Discussion


11:55 AM        Closing Comments - Sheila Hollis, USEA

12:00 PM        Adjourn


Shawn Bennett

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Oil and Natural Gas

Amy Shank

Director of Pipeline Integrity

Maria Dunn

Chief Governance Officer
Phillips 66

Paul McNutt

Reserves and Development Manager

Brooke Harris

Global Gas Demand Development Manager, Upstream Oil & Gas

Doug Sauer

Manager, Midstream Asset Integrity and Regulatory Compliance
Phillips 66

Jay Churchill

Senior Vice President, Health, Safety and Environment
Phillips 66

Zachery McGavitt

Operations Manager
Kirby Inland Marine

Drue Pearce

Deputy Administrator for PHMSA