Zachery McGavitt

Operations Manager
Kirby Inland Marine

Zach McGavitt is an Operations Manager Kirby Inland Marine. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA I began my career in the marine industry working summers in high school as a deckhand on the Monongahela River in the Pittsburgh area in the construction and coal segment of the marine industry. I then attended the State University of New York Maritime college for 4 years, along with the classroom experience the summers included sailing on the schools training ship completing three - sixty day tours to gain practical hands on experience to complement the classroom training environment. Immediately upon graduation I began my career at Kirby Inland Marine In the vessel fleet before moving to shore side management where I currently reside in Houston, TX. Overall, I have 20 Years of experience in the marine industry.


-Bachelor of Science New York Maritime College

-Master of Towing Vessels, 3rd Mate Unlimited Oceans USCG License