USEA Virtual Press Briefing: The Transformative Future for Utilities: Turbulent and Exciting

Not since its introduction at the end of the 19th century has electricity faced such a transformative future. It is in the process of remaking itself megawatt by megawatt.
From the wide adoption of renewable energy to new storage and new generation, including hydrogen and small modular reactors, the future is full of many hurdles and lots of excitement.

Underlying it all is climate change and the growing importance of electricity in everything from transportation to steel smelting and cement making. Most studies predict a need to double or triple electricity production by 2050.

How this will be done or whether it can be done in the evolving utility world will be the subject of the next United States Energy Association virtual press briefing on Sept. 12, at 12:00 noon Eastern Daylight Time.

Everything will be on the table – artificial intelligence, DER, data, the role of government, natural gas as an essential fallback, transmission technology, supply chain, bulk electric equipment sourcing — when a panel of utility leaders and visionaries is questioned by a panel of senior journalists who cover energy.

Mark Menezes, President and CEO of USEA and former Deputy Secretary of Energy, will welcome participants and join the discussion as appropriate. The briefing has been organized and will be hosted by journalist Llewellyn King.

Rudy Garza, President & CEO, CPS Energy, San Antonio, Texas
Howard Gugel, Vice President, NERC
Melanie Kenderdine, Principal & Executive Vice President, Energy Futures Initiative
David Naylor, President & CEO, Rayburn Electric Cooperative, Rockwall, Texas
Elliot Roseman, Program Manager, USEA
Joern Tinnemeyer, Chief Technology Officer & Senior Vice President, EnerSys

Matt Chester, Energy Central
Matthew Daly, AP
Ken Silverstein, Forbes
Herman Trabish, Utility Dive

The general audience can submit questions using the Zoom Q&A function, but members of the media will be given preference.  A recording will be made available after the briefing.


Hon. Mark W. Menezes

President & Chief Executive Officer
United States Energy Association

Llewellyn King

Creator, Executive Producer & Host
White House Chronicle

Rudy Garza

President & Chief Executive Officer
CPS Energy

Howard Gugel

Vice President, Compliance Assurance and Registration
North American Electric Reliability Corporation

Melanie Kenderdine

Principal, Executive Vice President
Energy Futures Initiative

David Naylor

Rayburn Country Electric Co-Op

Elliot Roseman

Program Director
United States Energy Association

Joern Tinnemeyer

Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Matt Chester

Energy Central

Matthew Daly

Climate Change Reporter
The Associated Press

Ken Silverstein

Senior Contributor

Herman Trabish

Contributing Editor
Utility Dive