Carlos Koeneke

Vice Chair & Treasurer
Gas Turbine Association

Dr. Carlos Koeneke is an ASME Fellow and has worked on Rotating Equipment and Power Generation for close to 40 years.

After completing his Mechanical Engineering degree in 1982, he worked for seven years on vibration analysis and troubleshooting for the Rotating Equipment Department of the largest Venezuelan petroleum company and completed a Master Degree on Mechanical Engineering while working.

In 1989, Dr Koeneke received a scholarship from the Japanese Ministry of Education to pursue a PhD on Mechanical Engineering at the University of Tokyo.

In 1993, Dr Koeneke joined Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Takasago Machinery Works, Japan. In 2001, he was transferred to Mitsubishi Power Americas where he worked for the Service Department and was later promoted to VP of Engineering for New Power Generation Projects. He is currently working as Chief Technology Officer for the Lake Mary Operations and is the Vice-Chair of the Gas Turbine Association.