Christiane Gabbe

Head of Security Grid & Infrastructure
Innogy SE/E.ON SE (Germany)

Christiane Gabbe is head of Security for Network and Infrastructure at Innogy SE (future EON SE), one of the largest distribution network operators in Europe. She has been dealing with security-related issues in the utility industry for 15 years. Christiane works for various industrial and energy industry associations and is involved in European Union projects and is an active member of the German delegation of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC 27.

Through her experience, she has in-depth knowledge of the strategic approach to standards development, practical implementation and certification issues in the energy industry.

Before she started her professional career, she completed studies in mechanical engineering and computer science. She joined RWE as a trainee after her studies and has experienced different perspectives and requirements regarding security architecture on her way to her current position.  She lives in Essen, Germany - where the headquarters of EON/Innogy is located.