Clyde Loutan

Principle Engineer Renewable Energy Intergration
California Independent System Operator (CAISO)

Clyde Loutan is presently a Principal Engineer at the California Independent System Operator Corporation (ISO) focusing on power system control performance, and was the Principal Investigator for several technical studies including the ISO’s renewable resource integration reports published over the years. He develop the ISO’s original “Duck Curve” to demonstrate how the increasing amount variable resources will change how the balancing of the grid is managed. He was also instrumental in working with NERC to identify ramping capability or flexibility as an essential reliability service needed to integrate higher levels of renewable resources. Mr. Loutan has been instrumental in developing several operating policies and was the lead engineer in charge of investigating the root cause of the California blackouts in 2000/2001.

Mr. Loutan holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Howard University in Washington D.C., and is a senior member of the IEEE.