Dr. Aaron Fuller

Carbon Conversion/Utilization Engineer
U.S. DOE - Office of Fossil Energy & Carbon Management

Aaron Fuller graduated in 1996 from Howard University with a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, focusing on Environmental Engineering. In 2000, he obtained an M.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Clemson University. At the University of Stuttgart, in Stuttgart, Germany, Mr. Fuller graduated with an M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering with a considered minor in Energy Engineering. In 2007, he joined the Institute of Combustion and Power Plant Technology (IFK) at the University of Stuttgart, Department of Firing Systems. His main activities as a researcher were characterization and utilization of combustion residues (biomass fly ash), experimental and theoretical investigations of biomass combustion and solid recovered fuel co-combustion, empirical and theoretical investigations of pollutant formation, and investigations of operational problems (burn-out) in pulverized fuel boilers within the framework of European (EU) projects as well as industrial projects. He was a German delegate of ISO/TC 300/WG 4 for Solid Recovered Fuels- physical and mechanical Tests from 2016 to 2021. Mr. Fuller completed his dissertation examination requirements in March 2021 at the University of Stuttgart at IFK, thus, earning his doctoral degree.