Dr. Hendri Geldenhuys

Corporate Specialist, Technology Department

Dr. Hendri Geldenhuys is a Corporate Specialist, Technology Development in Eskom South Africa. His focus is on Distribution Network Infrastructure up to 132 kV. 


His work experience includes; Rural Electrification, Medium Voltage system design, HV Insulation design and testing, lightning protection of engineering systems and operations, Automated Metering Infrastructure and more. Hendri focuses on technology innovation in this environment and most of his work involved the development of technologies and improving existing technologies. 


Hendri has served on numerous national and international technical committees, including South African National Standards and CIGRé committees. He serves on the Council of the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers. 


Hendri has B Eng, B Eng Honours and M Eng degrees from the University of Pretoria. He received a PhD from WITS University.