Dr. Laura Nelson

Vice President
Green Hydrogen Coalition

Dr. Laura Nelson is Vice President at Strategen and serves as Executive Director of the Green Hydrogen Coalition. Dr. Nelson has led a distinguished career in the energy industry spanning both the public and private sectors. Prior to joining Strategen, Dr. Nelson served as Energy Policy Adviser to the Governor Herbert of Utah, and from 2014-2020 was Executive Director of the Utah Office of Energy Development. Dr. Nelson has also served as the Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs for Potash Ridge, Corp., the Vice President of Energy and Environmental Development at Red Leaf Resources, and as the Energy Advisor to Utah Governor Jon M. Huntsman. She also served as the Energy Policy Advisor to the Idaho Public Utilities Commission and a Technical Consultant to the Utah Division of Public Utilities. As a leader in the energy community, Dr. Nelson’s board and committee appointments have included serving as the Chair of the Utah Energy Infrastructure board, a board member and member of the Executive Committee of the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, Chair to the Western Interstate Energy Board, a board member of Utah Clean Cities, Vice Chair of the National Association of Energy Offices, the Utah Representative to the Western Renewable Generation Information Systems (WREGIS) board, the Utah representative on the Federal Unconventional Resources Task Force, and the Chair of the Salt Lake Chamber Energy and Minerals Task Force. As part of her commitment to the arts, she also serves as member of the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. Dr. Nelson holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Utah.