Dr. S.P. Gon Chaudhuri

Renewable Energy College, Kolkata

Dr. S.P.Gon Chaudhuri is an Electrical Engineer, known to the Solar Community of the World and India in particular for his excellent Contribution in the field level Solar PV Off-grid Projects which benefitted million of rural people of the world. He travelled extensively in different Countries of the World as a Member of Indian Delegation and Expert of United Nations. At present he is the Member, Tripura State Planning Board, India and Chairman of the Renewable Energy College, Kolkata and Ashden India Collective, New Delhi.


Prof.Gon Chaudhuri is also a teacher of Bengal engineering and Science University, Kolkata, India.  Dr. Gon Chaudhuri received many National and International Award for his outstanding contribution in the area of Renewable Energy. He published many papers on solar energy.  He is also author of three important books.