George Skoptsov

President and CEO
H Quest Vanguard, Inc.

George Skoptsov is the President and CEO of H Quest Vanguard, Inc: Pittsburgh-based clean energy start-up commercializing Wave Liquefaction™: a novel technology enabling efficient conversion of coal without greenhouse gas emissions or fresh water consumption.  This groundbreaking technology promising to unlock the true value of coal, targeting clean and cost-effective production of transportation fuels, chemicals, and carbon materials, including synthetic graphite and carbon fiber.

Prior to starting H Quest Vanguard in 2014, Mr Skoptsov was engaged in executing and leading development of breakthrough technologies at the National Robotics Engineering Center for a variety of government and industrial clients.  Among the many projects are a natural gas pipeline inspection robot, recognized with a R&D100 award, and a non-GPS positioning and localization technology, developed to support autonomous mining operations. 

Mr Skoptsov earned a BS in Computer Science and MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. He is a principal inventor on three granted patents and has multiple pending applications.