Gina Tomlinson-Williams

Director of Business Transformation, Org Development
Jamaica Public Service Company

Gina Tomlinson-Williams has a BSc. Electronics, MSc. in Computer-based MIS, and is a Certified Organizational Development Professional, 6 Sigma Yellow Belt, and Certified Customer Service, Professional. She has over 15 years of leadership experience in Strategic Planning, Business Process Optimization, Change Management, Leadership & Employee Development, Project Management, and Customer Service.

Gina has worked across business sectors such as manufacturing, IT, and utilities. In her role at Jamaica Public Service (JPS) Company, Gina has the task of leading the strategic transformation and retooling of JPS' entire operations and its most valuable resource: its employees. Her portfolio spans organization-wide operational improvements and what McKinsey & Co. terms the “health” of the organization, how its people perform and are engaged.

Gina is married to Leighton and is mom to twins Leah and Olivia. She values time with her family and friends and sees her legacy as generosity and love for those less fortunate.