Mary Vargas Cisneros

Information Security Officer
Electrical Corporation of Ecuador, CELEC EP.

Mary is a Computer Engineer with a major in Computer Networks, and she has a master’s degree in information technologies (IT) with a mention in Digital Transformation and Innovation and another master’s in business management. She has Diplomas in Computer Security, network internetworking, Digital Transformation and Data Science. Her professional career spans more than 20 years, in which she has led work in the areas of IT and Information Security, with extensive work in Computer Security, Information Security, Industrial Cybersecurity, Information Management Projects, Risk Management, and Incident Management, in private and public institutions, especially across the breadth of the power sector.

Mary has managed several information security and industrial cybersecurity projects, including the most relevant: implementation of the Information Security Management System, strengthening of the CSIRT, implementation of Incident Management, and implementation of a Cybersecurity scheme for CELEC EP SCADA systems.

Mary was part of the multidisciplinary team for developing the National Strategy for Cybersecurity of Ecuador. Mary Vargas is the coordinator of the Industrial Cybersecurity Center in Ecuador, Coordinator for Cybersecurity of Ecuador in Ecuacier (Energy Integration Commission of the Regional-Ecuador), and is part of the cybersecurity team of the CIER (Energy Integration Commission Regional).

Mary has participated as a panelist and speaker in important national and international forums and conferences. In 2022, she was awarded first place as IT Leader winner in the category of “Outstanding Leader in Information Security” carried out by IT Ahora Magazine and PwC.