Miles Keogh

Executive Director
National Association of Clean Air Agencies (NACAA)
Miles Keogh is the Executive Director of the National Association of Clean Air Agencies (NACAA), an association of 156 state and local air pollution control agencies.  He previously started and directed the Research Lab at the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), where he advised State Utility Commissions on energy, environmental, and security issues for over a decade.  He is the author of widely-used primers on Cybersecurity, Resilience, and Risk Management, and has taught and advised leaders in the electric sector across North America and Europe on these issues.  He continues to work on cybersecurity through a number of advisory boards related to the power system.  Prior to joining NARUC in 2005, Miles worked in the wind power industry and sited power infrastructure for the Massachusetts Public Utility Commission.  Miles also spent five years as an ambulance driver and medic in Washington DC.  He received a Bachelors in International Relations from Georgetown University and a Masters in Environmental Management from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.