Natalia Fominykh

Deputy Program Director
United States Energy Association

Natalia Fominykh serves as a Deputy Program Director with USEA and reports to the ETAG Program Senior Director. She has over eleven years’ experience developing and implementing international energy and utility projects for USAID supporting transmission system planning and optimization, market transformation, regulatory reform, clean energy integration, technology transfer and investment promotion in Europe and Eurasia.

She is responsible for developing scopes of work and budgets for consultants required to conduct technical studies and analysis in support of the Black Sea Transmission Planning Project (BSTP) and the Ukraine/Moldova/ENTSO-E Integration Project, as well as activity reports in compliance with the ETAG Cooperative Agreement. She develops program content for working group meetings, trainings, workshops, study tours, internship programs and the logistical requirements for implementing them. 

Natalia holds a Master of Industrial & Organizational Psychology from the Moscow State University and a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature from the Moscow State University of Education.