Ogochukwu Ozotta

PhD Candidate in Petroleum Engineering
University of North Dakota

Ogochukwu Ozotta is a PhD candidate in Petroleum Engineering at University of North Dakota (UND) where she is analyzing the impact of CO2 injection on the geomechanical and geophysical properties of the unconventional Bakken Formation and the potential for fault reactivation.

Ogochukwu is also a Graduate Geophysics Research Assistant at UND Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC), Grand Forks, ND. She conducts research focused on geologic storage of CO2, including geologic model construction, well log analyses, seismic data interpretation, fluid substitution modeling, reservoir simulation, geomechanical analyses, data mining, rock physics modeling and assessment of enhanced oil recovery potential.

Ogochukwu is a student member of AAPG, AGU, AWG, GR, GSA, NABG, SEG, SEPM, SPE and she plays a role in her local community.