Peter Connors

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

Peter Connors, a tax partner in the New York office, focuses his practice on cross-border transactions. He also has extensive experience in related areas of tax law, including financial transactions, corporate reorganizations, renewable energy investments and controversy matters. He also leads the Orrick's Section 45Q practice relating to the tax credit for carbon capture and sequestration. 

Mr. Connors is recognized as a leading practitioner by Chambers USA and he has served as an officer of several professional organizations. Since 2006, he has been a member of the New York State Bar Tax Section Executive Committee. From 2008 to 2010, he was Vice Chair, Committee Operations, of the American Bar Association Tax Section. While Vice Chair, Committee Operations of the American Bar Association Tax Section, he organized the Calendar Call Program for New York sessions of the U.S. Tax Court. In addition, he was recipient of BNA Tax Management's 2004 Distinguished Author Award (Foreign).

Since March 2020, Mr. Connors has served as President of the American College of Tax Counsel. Earlier in 2020, he was elected Executive Vice President of the USA Branch of the International Fiscal. Since August, he has served as Acting President of the USA Branch of the International Fiscal Association. 

A prolific author, Mr. Connors is a frequent lecturer for a variety of major organizations, including IFA, and has published over 100 articles and reports on tax planning subjects. He is a co-author of BNA T.M. Portfolio 543 (The Mark to Market Rules of Section 475) and the author of BNA T.M. Portfolio 6480 (The Branch-Related Taxes of Section 884). He has authored or co-authored a number of New York State Bar Tax Section reports, including those on section 954(c)(6), the application of section 954(d) to contract manufacturing, forthcoming foreign tax credit splitter guidance, offshore evasion legislative proposals, the HIRE Act changes affecting registered debt, proposed regulations under section 871(m), the application of section 894(c) to hybrid entities, proposed regulations relating to foreign currency hedging transactions, proposed foreign tax credit regulations and proposed regulations on the high-taxed income exception under Subpart F. He is also Editor, Special Industries, of the Journal of Taxation. Most recently, he was author of “A Second Bite at the APA: Altera’s Rehearing and the Potential Invalidity of the Cost-Sharing Regulations,” which appeared in Bloomberg’s Tax Management International Journal.