Ronald (Ron) Sweatman

Principal Advisor – Petroleum Engineering
Baker Hughes | Reservoir Development Services


Ronald (Ron) Sweatman is Principal Advisor – Petroleum Engineering, Reservoir Development Services, Baker Hughes Inc. and provides solutions for reservoir development challenges in projects for oil & gas exploration and production, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), gas (CO2 & CH4) storage, and geothermal energy. Engineer graduate from BJ Hughes’ internal Well Services Engineering School majoring in Stimulation, Cementing, and Sand Control. Also majored in Chemistry at LSU and Petroleum Engineering at USL, completed over 50 continuing education courses, and has 45 years of engineering and operations experience in well construction and production technologies. He has served on more than 20 industry committees including the CSA Z741 standard for CCS projects, 2010 API/IADC Joint Industry Task Force for the Macondo well control incident, authored over 100 technical publications, received 9 industry awards, and invented 44 patented technologies including those for:

Well cementing - cement additives and methods to place cement barriers in wells

Well integrity – pressure barrier testing/repair and remote detection of leaks

Reservoir flow monitoring/control for reservoir fluid containment & EOR sweep efficiency 

Hydraulic fracturing stimulation for shale and other tight formations

Downhole thermal modelling to predict initiation of kicks after drilling & flow after cementing

On-demand-at-the-bit changes in drilling fluid properties

Wellbore strengthening, lost circulation control, & trouble zone drilling diagnostics  

 Converting oil & gas reservoirs to produce geothermal energy


Ronald's presentation, “Well integrity in CCS/CCUS projects" will focus on best practices to design and construct new wells to resist corrosion and to find and seal leaks in old and new wells before they become big issues.