Wini Rizkiningayu

Head of Business Development, Renewable Energy & Tech
New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

Wini Rizkiningayu is an energy-sector professional with 14 years of experience in global Energy businesses. With Electronic and Instrument Science background, she started her career as a field engineer – measuring& logging while drilling for Schlumberger. She then moved to Total EP Indonesie as well log analyst and subsequently a petrophysicist, where she was one of few in her field without geoscience background.

Wini became more a generalist when she joined a US company, Paradigm Geophysical where she grew to become a Regional Business Development Manager for Asia Pacific. After 10 years+ in Oil and Gas, she decided to take one year sabbatical leave. Since 2018, she worked with a New Zealand government’s organization, the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) as a head of business development. In the current role, she assists NZ businesses in Renewable Energy & Tech sectors to grow bigger better faster. She is now a master’s in public policy (MPP) student cohort 2021-2022 in Oxford University.

Energy transition, sustainability, and capacity development are three of her biggest passions - the elements that she believes will determine how our future will be. Outside of work, she is a fellow and mentor in ThinkPolicy, mentor in Young Women for Sustainability (YWES) and a Woman In Geothermal (WING) future leaders cohort 2020-2021. In her spare time, she actively helps facilitating various organizations in problem solving, storytelling and strategic planning.