Yevhen "Eugene" Holubnyak

Petroleum Engineer
Kansas Geological Survey (KGS)
Eugene Holubnyak is a Petroleum Engineer at Kansas Geological Survey (KGS) and has over 14 years of experience in applied geoscience and energy-related research. Eugene has worked for five years at Plains CO2 Reduction (PCOR) Partnership before transitioning to KGS in 2012. He managed several research and field scale projects funded by Department of Energy including Wellington Field CO2 EOR and storage pilot and participated in numerous DOE funded projects as a Co-PI.

Currently, Mr. Holubnyak is serving as a Joint-PI for CarbonSAFE Phase II Integrated Mid-Continent Stacked Carbon Storage Hub project leading KS CCUS Task Force, and representing KGS at the Regional Carbon Capture Deployment Initiative.

Eugene is specializing in reservoir modeling, simulations, and fluid geochemistry applied to oil & gas reservoirs and waste fluid injection. Mr. Holubnyak is very familiar with UIC program, including hands on experience with UIC Class VI well permitting and preparing projects to qualify for 45Q credits.

Eugene is also interested in space exploration and developments in Advanced Life Support Systems for space settlements. He is continuing research and publication activities in this area.